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Berlin: goMedus opens health care centre at Kurfuerstendamm in Berlin

The goMedus Gesellschaft für Qualitaet in der Medizin mbH, Cologne, plans to open a new Health Care Centre at Berlin Kurfuerstendamm 33 in the borough of Charlottenburg. On a floor space of 880 sqm the third centre of its kind will be developed based on plannings of goMedus, a subsidiary company of Deutsche Krankenversicherung AG (DKV). Two other centres already exist in Cologne and Dusseldorf. In the new health care centre medical prophylaxis, treatment and consulting from medical facilities of different disciplines should be provided to privately health insured individuals. DTZ, a real estate adviser located in Frankfurt, acted as broker. SerTec Immobilien Management GmbH, Berlin, represented goMedus. The landlord Koenigstadt Gesellschaft für Grundstuecke und Industrie mbH, Berlin, has been represented by ECE Projektmanagement GmbH und Co. KG, Hamburg.

Deal figures:

  • Address: Kurfuerstendamm 33 (borough of Berlin-Charlottenburg)
  • Floor space: 880 sqm
  • Occupancy: medical health care services
  • Tenant: goMedus Gesellschaft für Qualitaet in der Medizin mbH (Cologne)
  • Landlord: Koenigstadt Gesellschaft für Grundstuecke und Industrie mbH (Berlin)
  • Agent: DTZ (Frankfurt)
  • Representative of tenant: SerTec Immobilien Management GmbH (Berlin)
  • Representative of landlord: ECE Projektmanagement GmbH und Co. KG (Hamburg)

goMedus Gesellschaft für Qualität in der Medizin mbH:
Scheidtweilerstraße 4, 50933 Cologne
Telefon: +49 2 21 5 78 29 91
Telefax: +49 2 21 5 78 29 99

Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Meyer (Graduate Engineer)
Architect in the property management sector

Oliver Meyer has spent half his life in Berlin. When he moved from Hamburg to Berlin following his architecture degree, he didn’t yet know that Berlin would come to be more of a home to him than anywhere else he had previously lived. His relationship with this city began when he worked as a young architect in a basement in Zehlendorf, gaining a grounding in planning and construction management in return for a modest wage. At the time, the Berlin Wall was still standing, so Oliver Meyer, who was originally from Hamburg, first of all had to come to terms with this situation. Having made numerous adventurous forays across the transit routes towards the West, at some point he simply no longer felt the need to leave the city and felt more and more like a Berliner, as did many others who had come to live there. After a brief sojourn lasting two years in Düsseldorf, he returned to Berlin with great pleasure, to become acquainted with life from a building contractor’s perspective. Once he had finally obtained enough experience, Hamburg-born Oliver Meyer set up his own company in Berlin in 2003, continuing to offer the same portfolio of services he had been providing to clients in the city since 1987: project management, from the initial planning stages through to leasing and managing the finished property. He has always been successful. For example, he even had to move out of his premises in Lennéstraße in the Tiergarten area in a high-rise project he himself was managing, inundated as he was with enquiries for the singularly desirable new offices.

Ever since, the head of SerTec Immobilien Management GmbH has been working on behalf of his many clients as the “key building contractor”, as he manages and looks after his projects as if they were his own. He knows his stuff in the construction industry and handles modest renovation projects with the same care and attention as large projects worth millions. His first truly large project was the new build of the Berlin Wasserbetriebe (water utility company) directly behind the Red City Hall, for which he bore overall responsibility as the project manager. Since then, he has added many other such projects to his list of credentials.

For a long time now, Oliver Meyer has been operating throughout Germany, managing projects in many federal states as well as winning a diverse range of contracts all over Europe. He is interested in all aspects of sustainable construction, meaning that he will get the best possible result for his clients and for our beleaguered blue planet within the scope of the available options.

Berlin: No. 3 Lennéstraße 3 has been sold

No. 3 Lennéstraße, with approx. 4,200 m² of office space on the Potsdamer Platz in a prime location in the Tiergarten area, has been sold to a foundation by a private investor. SerTec Immobilien Management GmbH of Hamburg acted as intermediary on behalf of the seller, and KIENE PROPERTY CONSULT GMBH of Berlin acted as intermediary on behalf of the buyer. KIENE PROPERTY CONSULT will also take on the leasing and management of the office building for the new owner.

Press contact:
Henning Kiene
Lützowufer 26
10787 Berlin
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