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Oliver Meyer, originally from Hamburg, successfully set up his own company named SerTec Immobilien Management GmbH in 2003, once he had accumulated sufficient experience.

Since then, his company has been providing its clients with the services he has been offering since 1987: project management, from the initial planning stages through to leasing and managing the finished property. Modest renovation projects are handled with the same care and attention as large projects worth millions.

SerTec Immobilien Management GmbH operates throughout Germany, looking after projects in many federal states, whilst also winning a diverse range of contracts all over Europe.

The company’s headquarters moved from Berlin to Hamburg in 2012. A broad spectrum of projects throughout Germany are managed from these offices, as well as on-site, of course.

An economic assessment of a property should lead to a positive outcome. This is true regardless of whether the property in question is a family home or a complex office building, both for the owners and the tenants. A prerequisite for success is an optimal cost/benefit ratio throughout the entire lifespan of a property, based on suitable construction costs, the highest possible standards of quality and optimal floor space utilisation.

During the planning and construction phases, decisions are made regarding around 70 per cent of all future buildings- and maintenance costs. At this point, the foundations which will determine how efficiently the property will be managed and operated are laid. Within the scope of the actual utilisation of properties, the key task is to ensure that expenditure and the quality of the operational management are harmonised in a cost-effective way.

Thanks to our know-how, we will ensure that our clients benefit from the highest levels of quality at reasonable terms. Whether you are an investor, a building contractor, a user or a tenant of a property, we will be glad to assist and support you in your search for a tailored solution, while taking account of all the criteria you wish to fulfil.

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