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We manage projects on small, medium and large scales in the following areas:

  • New Building/ Reconstruction
  • Redevelopment
  • Refurbishment

Aside from integrated consultancy this includes:

  • General project leadership
  • Coordination and management of all partners involved in the project
  • Project controlling / Monitoring
  • Quality Management
  • Technical approval
We consider due diligence to be the technical investigation and evaluation of either a single building or a portfolio of properties conducted by our experts. Our examination incorporates not only the condition of the propoerty but also our assessment of risk. We thoroughly inspect the situation as built, describe and as certain parameters to assess maintenance backlog, look ahead and recommend the generation of step by step maintenance and repair savings for each part of the building.

Additionally, we describe exactly which procedure may improve the chances to market a building – on request we also do the planning for such improvements. We check approvals granted, experts reports and do actual-theoretical comparison of other documentary related to the building. The results of our services shows the current situation for both the landlord and the prospective buyer of a property and allows further calculations for the handling of the property or portfolio.

Due to our long-time experience with all scopes of real estate economics and long lasting cooperation with our business partners, we consult and aid you in the realization of your projects, e.g.:

  • Production site analysis
  • Location development up to procurement of planning permission
  • Conceptual design
  • Object management concepts

. . . and other services in this same capacity

Allow us to take on the exclusive marketing of your special properties. As you will see from our testimonials, our sales team has the ability to take on challenges which are far from commonplace. If you will permit us to meet these challenges for you on an exclusive basis, we will be able to achieve the very best result for you. Please contact us. We will find a solution!